INVE guarantees the maximum quality in the product and production process, endorsed by the UNE-EN-ISO 9001/2008 Quality Certification.
INVE CERTIFIES, after carrying out the different tests on the products manufactured in our facilities, that our products:
  • Passed the requirements of security according to norm UNE-56.841 – UNE 56.842 – UNE 56.843.
  • Surpass the requirements of security according to norm UNE-IN-1.153 (resistance of overloads of high and hanging furnitures).
  • They are manufactured with raw materials from suppliers that also certify their supplies under the environment UNE-56.840 (control of thickness, humidity, sand content, density profile and physical and mechanical tests).
  • The composition of the manufactured products is: 98% of soft woods (92% pine and 6% poplar), 2% hardwoods (beech, chestnut and oak).
  • Wood supplies from suppliers are certified according to the PEFC’s Chain of Custody of forest products.
  • INVE, PEFC’s Certification of the Chain of Custody.
The use of PUR adhesives by robotic system, allows and guarantees the greatest impermeability and durability in the edges of doors and polylaminated planes.
Use of Hettich fittings guarantee the highest durability and resistance.
Application of a work philosophy that respects the environment, both in processes and in products.

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